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Advice&Consulting srl is a young company, full of energy and enthusiasm, with the goal of improving the agricultural sector in the CIS nations.
Years-long experience in the agricultural sector collaborating with leaders of Italian and foreign markets.
Our projects are held together with the best suppliers of functional technologies in different CIS countries thanks to which we can guarantee our partners and clients smiles.

The smile which derives from success reached together. Collaborating with Salvi Vivai, Fruit Control Equipments e Unitec Spa, today Advice&Consulting can be your reliable partner in the research of functional technological solutions which will help you to reach the best result in your orchards, in your refrigerating cells, in your warehouses where your goods are processed. And the most important thing is that Advice&Consulting will help you to conquer your clients’ hearts – your final consumers.
Always together from seeds to smiles.

Consulting services covering all agricultural sector.

Advice&Consulting follows all agricultural chain from the choice of the cultivated crops and the production, till the quality control and commercialisation of goods.

  • Consulting services.

    For the blooming and prosperous future.

Modern technologies and attention to every detail.

Thanks to our partners and the years-long experience in the agricultural sector, we have know-how which helps us to find the solutions fitting your requests. For us every detail is important.

  • Modern technologies

    For an easy, efficient and productive work.

Products harvesting, packaging and distribution.

Harvesting processes, packaging and distribution are the main factors in reaching the success for your company. We can help you on every stage aimed at increasing the value of your products, we will make them more appealing on the market which you are going to conquer.

  • With you every step by step.

    Our goal is to reach the results, only they count in the end.


Soil analysis – Choice of cultivated agricultural crops and their type – Cultivation – Processing – Harvesting – Quality control – Storage and observation of cold chain – Sorting and packing

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