The young Ukrainian company Nikdaria, producer of blueberries under the Iberry brand, since its foundation has chosen to focus on innovation. When the need came to include in its production chain a sorting line that could face the market requests, always more demanding, Nikdaria chose to rely on consultancy of ADVICE&CONSULTING and on Unitec technology for the handling and quality selection of blueberries.

ADVICE&CONSULTING, an Italian company known in all CIS countries for the 100% made-in-Italy know-how and technology of the projects in the fruit industry, always advises its customers to use the best technologies.

Unitec Blueberry Vision system allows to select blueberry quality automatically and with extreme precision. Thanks to its reliability, in recent years it has brought great results to Customers who have chosen it all over the world. In fact, it has allowed these packing houses to reach high and consistent quality standards for the final product.

This investment in UNITEC technology has the goal of making the Iberry brand synonymous with the highest quality and able to face successfully the European, UK and UAE markets.