The Agronomic Training Course for the management of intensive apple orchards, organized by Advice&Consulting from 13 to 26 January 2020, has just ended successfully.
An intense program, full of classroom relations and field practice, attended by 18 persons, including managers and agronomists of fruit farms from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Moldova.

Broad themes have been covered  by our expert agronomists in fruit growing – Dr. Giancarlo Curzel, Angelo Mazzanti, Andrea Cavicchioli, Prof. Guglielmo Costa of the University of Bologna and Antonio Pezzoli –  including: the basics of intensive fruit growing, pruning and thinning, fertilization, biological control and its role in integrated pest management and the study of crop forecasts up to the countryside notebook. The course has also covered the symptoms and pathogens to be monitored, how to manage the fleet and, last but not least, how to organize your company in order to obtain GlobalGap certification.

The trainees have participated actively, with great interest in Italian expertise recognized worldwide in the field of agriculture: “This has been a unique opportunity for professional growth”, “The course met all my expectations”, “I look forward to knowing when the next update will take place” are just some of the comments left by the participants, who will soon be the protagonists of a video that will collect their testimonies, which will be disseminated through social channels.

In the meantime, Advice&Consulting has already started and announces that the Agronomic Training Course for the management of drupe fruit and strawberry will be held from 7 to 13 June 2020, which once again will be reserved for a limited number of entrepreneurs and technicians of fruit farms from the CIS countries.

Advice&Consulting, which has been operating for several years in these countries and knows well their needs, is becoming more and more a reference in the field of intensive and modern fruit growing strategies for companies that want to grow and obtain the quality of their productions like made in Italy ones.