About Us

Advice&Consulting is an Italian company that with great passion actively commits itself to the improvement and development of the fruit sector, through the realization of supply chain projects with high quality standards, made in Italy technologies and its own agronomic know-how, a plus it brings in every project.

The goal of Advice&Consulting is to optimize work processes, maximize the quality and quantity of fruit, for a return on investment in the short term.

Made in Italy

Made in Italy quality is the distinctive element that distinguishes every fruit project created by Advice&Consulting: the most innovative technologies and materials manufactured in Italy, seriousness and precision, punctuality and reliability are just some of the values contained in this brand.

The know-how of Italian technicians, engineers and agronomists is the added value of Advice&Consulting which ensures the achievement of the best results in the planning and executive phases and subsequently in the management of fruit projects.


Agronomic and specialized technical skills for all stages of processing: from planting of plants to harvesting, from selection to conservation of fruits through knowledge of technologies. The Advice&Consulting agronomic technical department assists your company and takes care of your orchard, through online consultancy, periodic visits and theoretical and practical training of your staff.

With branches in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Moldova, it responds promptly to your needs.

" The fruit farming industry produces wealth, wellbeing and growth, all in harmony with Nature. "