AGRINSIGHT® was born from the intention of creating a solid alliance between Technology and Agriculture.

AGRINSIGHT® is the innovative application created by Advice&Consulting that implements the latest sensor technologies for the remote analysis and monitoring of all the factors that affect the progress of the orchard and provides an integrated chat with specialized agronomist technicians who indicate how to intervene.

AGRINSIGHT stands out for:

  • the completeness of the data offered by the sensors installed in the orchard,
  • the sending of notifications indicating the risk conditions and when to intervene
  • the immediate communication with the Advice&Consulting agronomic technical department, which supports the fruit grower at every step, offering solutions for the optimal management of the orchard and high-quality productions.

With AGRINSIGHT® it is possible to intervene in a targeted manner, with lower consumption of water, pesticides, fuels, and a more efficient organization of the workforce.
Each phase of orchard management can be monitored and at hand: soil and water analyzes, orchard maintenance activities such as defense interventions, fertilization, irrigation, pre-harvesting, harvesting and conservation.

AGRINSIGHT® makes it extremely simple to manage your orchard and remotely control all the factors that determine its efficient productivity. The use of sensors in the field allows you to continuously monitor values such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, leaf wetness, among others, with precise, constant, and real-time measurements.

With AGRINSIGHT®, any critical conditions for the development of pathologies or other problems can be identified and targeted and timely interventions planned, based on the real needs of the crop.

AGRINSIGHT® revolutionizes the management of the orchard.

The AGRINSIGHT® software allows you to remotely control, via smartphone tablet, or computer, the data detected by the sensors installed in the orchard, in real time.
With AGRINSIGHT® it is possible to simultaneously monitor all the sensors located in the orchard and have a complete overview of all the information coming from the field, organized by means of graphs that make it immediate to view the in-depth analysis with the comparative reading of the data.
AGRINSIGHT® automatically compares the detected data with the optimal values and sends “alerts” when there are anomalies, indicating when and how to intervene. The chat integrated with the staff of Agronomists Advice&Consulting ensures total support during each activity.

Furthermore, AGRINSIGHT® sends weekly the general report of the orchard, with the sensor data and the indications of the Advice&Consulting agronomists.

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