Arnau Agro

From 2018 Advice&Consulting® has accompanied «Arnau Agro» in a growth path, making a strategic choice of planting 10 different scab-resistant fruit plants varieties grafted on hot- and cold-resistant rootstocks in order to respond to the new challenges posed by climate change in the recent years. The training system selection has been made to facilitate the management of an 80-ha orchard.

Starting from this year, Arnau Agro will store its fruit production in the newly realized cold storage facility designed by Advice&Consulting®. With a capacity of 2.5 tons, the cold storage system will preserve the organoleptic qualities of the apple fruits achieved in the orchard until the marketing of the product.

BEFORE                                                                  AFTER


Characteristics and advantages of Cold Storage projects by Advice&Consulting®

  • Tailor-made design service
  • Realisation with attention to detail
  • Continuous assistance from assembly to testing
  • Fruit shelf-life extended up to 9 months
  • Patented Italian technology
  • Healthy fruit without the addition of chemical additives
  • High performance in terms of cold holding
  • Continuous staff training


For more information regarding the implementation of highly productive intensive orchards, post-harvest technologies and innovative cold storage facilities, contact Advice&Consulting®, we will be happy to recommend customized solutions that adapt to your needs!

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