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Agricultural binding twine

Used for tying the plants to the wires of the orchard support structure. Made of PVC, it stretches to allow the plants to grow and is weather and frost resistant. Knots last at least 5-6 years. Advice&Consulting recommends a diameter of 5 mm.×120.png

Cutting ring for binding twine

Used to speed up cutting of the binding twine, made of aluminium and available in various sizes (20, 22, 24 mm in diameter).×120.png


Used to speed up the cutting of the binding twine, made of aluminum and available in various sizes (20, 22, 24 mm in diameter).×120.png

Professional branch cutters, Tucano model

These are recommended for effortless cutting of branches measuring between 22 and 50 mm and pruning fast growing orchards, especially stone fruit trees. The aluminium handles are pressure-resistant. The blade and tie-rod are made of steel, with a high percentage of carbon, hot-forged and surface-treated with a life-time guarantee against breakage. It is fully interchangeable and adjustable.×120.png

Professional folding saw

Practical, easy to use and safe, this is recommended for cuts over 50 mm. The teeth have a long-lasting, three-level sharpening on a blade made of carbon steel that has been treated to reduce friction. The ergonomic handle snaps closed and every part is fully interchangeable.×120.png

Lightweight ergonomic shears

Practical and easy to use, these shears weigh only 170 g and are ideal for pruning younger plants, for cuts of up to 22 mm. The ergonomic handle and the curved blade mean that the user’s wrist is kept in a natural position and is subject to less pressure while pruning. The blade is made of hot-forged steel and is fully interchangeable and adjustable.×120.png

PH meter + digital conductometer

For liquids and soil, a pocket-sized tool for measuring the PH and salt levels in water, to prepare fertilizers and anti-parasite treatments. Measures on a scale of 0-14 p, with precision to ± 0.2 PH, resolution 0.1, automatic temperature compensation, manual calibration to one point.×120.png

Brix refractomete

For measuring the sugar concentration of the fruit in order to determine the potential alcohol content of the must, from 0 to 18% on the Brix scale. Thermo-compensated (automatic temperature compensation), made of alloy, with crystal prisms and lenses.×120.png


For measuring the hardness of the fruit, in order to decide when to harvest and to control the ripening process (softening of the fruit pulp) in cold storage. Index reading in kg/cm2. Comes with the following stainless-steel accessories: rods, splash guard and peeler.×120.png

DA Meter

Non-destructive portable instrument that measures the level of chlorophyll present in the pulp of the fruit, which is a precise index of its state of ripeness.×120.png

Ring gauge

For measuring the size of fruit over 30 mm, with 13 rings. Made of aluminium, it is lightweight and pocket-sized.×120.png

Rain gauge

Plastic tool for measuring rainfall, with a fixed support, 80 mm in diameter and 200 mm in height. This can be used to decide how to manage irrigation after rain and is essential in anti-parasitic treatments for disease prevention.×120.png

Bin trolleys

ideal for convenient, safe and quick fruit picking.
transfer speed with no load or at full load 3-4 km / h
trolley weight 85 kg.
length of pair of trolleys 3.50 meters
internal dimension of the support surface 1260×1040 mm. (narrow version) – 1260×1150 mm. (normal version) – 1260×1250 (wide version)×120.png


SISTEM is a professional double blade pneumatic shear with interchangeable group.
The blades are made of steel with a high percentage of carbon and hot forged. The traditional convergent sharpening in the center is perfect for a close and precise cut. This allows the plant to heal and avoid the creation of new shoots. Cuts up to 30 mm. in diameter.×120.png


Brass alloy material – Crystal lens ø 26 – 5x magnification

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