Specialized agronomic and technical consultancy: know-how is the plus of Advice&Consulting, available to fruit companies

In order to reach ambitious production goals in terms of both quality and quantity, agronomic expertise and specialist techniques are absolutely essential at every stage of orchard management, from planting to the harvesting and storage of the fruit, which has to maintain all its organoleptic qualities intact, in order to reach the customers’ table in perfect condition.

The team of agronomy experts at Advice&Consulting take care of your company and look after your orchards, via online consultancy, scheduled visits and training in theory and practice for your staff.

Technicians with specialist knowledge of refrigerated storage systems offer advice for the later stages, before and after harvesting, to help you maintain the organoleptic qualities of the fruit and lengthen its shelf life

Discover the profiles of our technical department.


Advice&Consulting agronomist technician

Enthusiasm, energy and competence characterize Andrea Cavicchioli. Strong in the defense and fertilization of apple, pear, cherry, peach, plum and apricot orchards, within the Advice&Consulting technical team, Andrea Cavicchioli supports companies in the management and care of intensive orchards, through defense techniques and strategies, plant nutrition aimed at obtaining the maximum from productions both in qualitative and quantitative terms.



Agronomist, expert in fruit growing at an international level, before dedicating himself to consulting fruit companies abroad, for FAO, World Bank and the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Giancarlo Curzel worked for the Experimental Institute for Fruit Growing in Rome and was the first technical director of ESAT. Since 1982 he has carried out missions abroad dealing with fruit growing at all stages of production, plant propagation, in vitro production, greenhouse and irrigation. With Advice&Consulting he assists companies in the complete management of the orchard and in the technical training of staff.


Technician specialized in pre - post harvest and cold storage

Livio Fadanelli is one of the leading international experts in refrigerator conservation, pre and post harvest. He boasts 40 years of experience at the Edmund Mach Foundation, a reference point for scientific research in the agricultural field, in particular on apples.
With Advice&Consulting he offers support to fruit companies for the study and implementation of the best strategies aimed at preserving the organoleptic characteristics of fruit in conservation and shelf-life intact.


Advice&Consulting agronomist technician

Luca Maghini has large experience in pome, stone fruit and strawberry crops, gained at his own fruit farm and other farms in Italy and abroad.
He specializes in all phases of construction of intensive orchards: planting of piles, planting of fruit plants, installation of support and protection systems – anti-hail and rain protection – and last but not least of irrigation systems.


former Professor at the University of Bologna - Department of Agriculture

He was a member of the Department of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (UNIBO), full Professor of Fruits Science at the same University and Director of the Department from 1989 to 1991 and from 2007 to 2012. He was President of the International Kiwifruit Working Group (ISHS) from 1988 to 1991 and again in 2006, Chairman of Pome and Stone Fruits until 2014 and has had other prestigious positions, as at the von Humboldt University of Berlin and Plant&Food of New Zealand and has more than 550 scientific publications to its credit. He collaborates with Advice&Consulting on training courses for companies, in the research and development of innovative products for the fruit sector.