Is it possible to simplify the orchard management organizing workforce and interventions in a timely and targeted manner, with less water, fuels, and pesticides consumption? Is it possible to have all the information that determines orchard productivity handy? Is it possible to have immediate agronomic solutions to resolve eventual critical conditions or pathologies?

Today everything is possible with AGRINSIGHT®- the application that revolutionizes orchard management.

Born to create a solid alliance between Agriculture and Technology, Agrinsight® distinguishes itself for the completeness of offered data, push notifications which are sent when anomalies are detected, instant communication with a technical department that supports fruit growers in every step, offering the best solutions for optimal management of the orchard, cold storage and to improve production in terms of quality.

Agrinsight® software allows remote control in real-time via smartphone, tablet, or computer, the data detected by innovative sensors installed in the orchard:

> weather station with GPRS connection

> leaf wetness sensor for the internal canopy 

> pheromone insect trap with camera

> advanced volumetric soil probe sensor with temperature detection

Historical data can also be consulted and thus obtain a complete overview, through simple charts, that make immediate visualization and in-depth analysis. Agrinsight® automatically confronts the data detected by sensors with the optimal values and sends alerts when anomalies are found.

The integrated chat supported by agronomic experts’ staff and the Orchard Journal within the app streamline internal communication across the organization and allows teams to collaborate and organizations to record, organize, and manage all the activities for each crop.

Moreover, Agrinsight® sustains the fruit grower in the pre and post-harvest phases, providing assistance to determine the right harvesting window and the correct conservation of fruits in cold storage.

The hardware composes not only of the innovative sensors but also with the tool KIT, which is used to check the state of ripeness and conservation, which includes instruments for measuring factors such as size, weight, hardness of the pulp, sugar content, temperature, and acidity. The chat with the cold storage experts offers constant support to the fruit grower even in these phases.

“Agrinsight® represents a real technological evolution at the service of Man and Nature for a healthy and sustainable growth of agriculture” – says Alexandra Caminschi, CEO of Advice&Consulting®, company that developed the application, with a long experience in the implementation and agronomic management of intensive orchards at an international level – “Our goal is to simplify the work of the fruit grower and ensure higher quality and production. With AGRINSIGHT® you will not only have the opportunity to take advantage of technology, but you will be constantly supported by a real partner made up of an experienced team, always by your side in interpreting data and making the best decisions, for successful business management”.