Advice&Consulting, in collaboration with leading companies in the sector, offers cutting edge technology for the processingcalibration and quality selection followed by the packing of every kind of fruit.
The aim of the calibration line is to increase market competitivity, reduce labour costs and improve the processing quality. These results are guaranteed by the quality of the lines we design and by the tracing system.

Delicacy and precision in fruit selection
All our automatic systems are designed and produced in Italy by a partner company of Advice&Consulting.
This ensures quality control, the correct functioning of the systems and, last but not least, rapid after-sales assistance and the immediate availability of spare parts.
The video cameras, which are also produced internally, are precise, very high resolution and guarantee the most effective possible detection of flaws in the fruit.
Our designs can be customised according to the variety, quantity required and the needs of the client.

For cherries and blueberries, we can offer a new, extremely hi-tech classification system, which efficiently and delicately views the surface of every piece of fruit, thus avoiding human error and unnecessary waste.
Upon request, the processing line can include other, fully automatic technological devices, to carry out procedures such as emptying/filling of bins with or without waterlabellingcase fillingweighing and washing. All the systems used in the calibration lines are patented. The brushing and aligning systems operate very gently in order to ensure that the fruit is not damaged. The lubrication of the chains and the washing of the rollers are also fully automatic operations. The calibration lines can be integrated with a packing system and automatic pallet loading to take you up to the final stage of processing.

Reliable after-sales assistance
When we test your processing line, we can also organise a visit and training session for you at our headquarters.
Consequently, our after-sales assistance team can deal with any technical issues either remotely or on-site via our local branches.

Special packaging for fruit in various formats, colours and sizes, a vast assortment of bags for packaging and storage, accessories that maintain the freshness of the fruit, absorb ethylene and extend the shelf life of the produce.
Corrugated cardboard or recycled plastic packaging that is ideal for packing fruit, keeping it protected, intact and fresh.

Automatic pallet loading

The automatic pallet loaders enable the palletization of different types of crate. The pallet loading technology is directly connected to the packaging phase and allows the crates to be transferred onto a roller conveyor which stacks them using a a gripper with self-centering sides, guaranteeing a safe and secure grip on crates. The systems are constructed with sturdy uprights which accommodate the self-centering crate gripper. Each machine is equipped with a touchscreen control panel which facilitates the operator’s tasks in the various phases of processing and programming.

Manual pallet loading

If you prefer to load the fruit onto the pallets manually, Advice&Consulting offers a wide range of specialist products for transporting the fruit in total safety, without risking any damage to it during the long journeys or periods of storage, while preserving its freshness and guaranteeing the maximum stability of the pallets.
These are resistantflexible and lightweight products which allow a 20% reduction in packing materials with up to 30% better performance and are also water repellent and 100% recyclable.