As a result of the latest conservation technology, it is possible to maintain the organoleptic qualities of the fruit intact, without the addition of chemical products, thus ensuring that the produce is completely healthy and safe to eat.
Advice&Consulting, in partnership with leading Italian companies, designs and develops ready to use refrigerated storage spaces featuring thermal insulation, complete system requirements and controlled atmosphere technology featuring ULO, DCA, etc.
Great care is taken over the 100% Italian components and the quality of the materials used. We use thicker than normal insulating panels that offer better low temperature control and energy saving.

Safe preservation of organoleptic qualitiesThe highly sophisticated refrigerated units use the controlled atmosphere method, as well as nitrogen generators, specifically for rapid attainment of the initial oxygen stress value, which is then followed by the ULO phase.

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the cell must be carefully controlled with specific tests on the produce.
The values installed for the carbon dioxide absorbers are adjusted according to the variety being kept in storage.

As a result of this technology the shelf-life can be extended up to:

  • 12 months for apples
  • 9 months for pears
  • 3 months for peaches
  • 3 months for cherries

The freshness of the produce is maintained for the whole conservation period, ensuring the desired characteristics of appearance, firmness and flavour.
The unit can be managed using automatic programming, both for the fridge and controlled atmosphere. This allows the parameters to be controlled remotely, even from a smartphone or tablet, and the conservation details can be memorized to create a data bank.
We offer staff training on the use of the units as well as free remote technical assistance, which allows us to check on any malfunctions and adjust the conservation parameters.